Todos Los Martes una nueva historia/ Every Tuesday a new story

De por alla del Lejano Oeste!

No mames, This weeks’s Gallo Semanal is in Spanglish; and Who’s to say que Spanglish aint a real language? Who’s to say that Texican culture, no es its own culture?!
Well, here comes a man named Aldo Ramon, del pueblo de Pecos, Tejas, to make sure we understand that Texican, no es Mexican, it’s not Texan, it’s its own thing!

Aldo is a professional musician based in Austin, Texas. El ha compartido escenarios con gente como Menudo, Kumbia Kings, Super Reyes, Bad Apples, Asdru Sierra, y pare usted de contar.
Aldo is a multi-instrumentalist who goes from the Bass (his first passion) to the saxophone, to the keyboard, to the guitar. Ok, Aldo, deja algo pa los demas, wey!

Having accomplished a very prominent career in music, Lately Aldo has decided to challenge himself and do something that he’s always wanted to do: Take a stab into the world of Comedy.
Aldo siempre habia mezclado comedia con musica, y anybody that knows him sabe que el buen humor siempre es parte of his personality. Reason why we think that even though this is new terrain for him, Mr Aldo will for surely succeed in this field as well.

For being a true chingon-bad-ass, Aldo Ramon is without a doubt our Gallo de la Semana.

Check the video made by La Ruka Electrica of Aldo’s first performance, and by all means,… watch out for the pride of Pecos Ville, as he’ll be blowing up comedy stages near you from this point on.


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